Impact Hackathon 5G Smart Cities aims to create smart, sustainable cities with breakthrough innovations in a 3-day virtual hackathon. For the past three years, Impact Hackathon 5G provided opportunities for emerging innovators to address some of the world's most pressing challenges and provide solutions with real world impact.



ON DECEMBER 9-11, 2021

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What is hackathon?

A hackathon is a coding marathon by programmers, developers, designers and data scientists over a period of time that will prototype a seemingly impossible idea into a possible and viable business.

Veering away from traditional hackathons where created ideas end up shelved due to lack of follow-through, Impact Hackathon is designed to have a reverse hackathon model, where major partners can provide problem statements and become mentors to the developer teams.

What is Impact Hackathon 5G Smart Cities?

Building smart cities entails creating efficient systems through intelligent use of data and technology to ultimately build liveable and human-centered cities. Part of having a holistic approach in designing smart cities is the presence of good governance as a prerequisite.

Why should you join?

You should join if you have interest in developing solutions to the current problems of the country, and a commitment to participate fulliy throughout the Impact Hackathon Program.

Who can join?

The event is open to anyone regardless of age, gender, race, background, and experience. Attendees below 18 years old are required to have a written consent of their legal guardians.

Why should you join?

1. Register here on Impact2050 Website as a participant
2. Join the Impact2050 Facebook Group
3. Register of all members on Hackathon Platform (to be launched)

Judging Criteria

Technical Difficulty and UX/UI (20%)
Business Viability (20%)
Social Impact (30%)
Relevance (20%)
Program Requirements and Presentation (10%)

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$200,000 USD

Worth of cash prizes will be given away this year plus access to an incubation program

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With the vision of providing a platform that will allow innovation to solve social challenges, Impact Hub Manila launched an annual code fest called Impact Hackathon in October 2019.

In the past 2 years, it has brought a combined number of 2,300 participants from all over thee Philippines and attracted over 350 mentors and experts to the event.

The Impact hackathon remains to be the largest hackathon in the Philippines.

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For more information about the IMPACT2050 Program and the Impact Hackathon feel free to drop us a line!